Best Prototyping Tool FIGMA – For All Apps & Games

For all those people out there looking to create engaging and memorable products – and those looking for a prototyping tool that will blow you away then look no further that downloading . For those people unsure there is a free version that supports 1 project at the time of writing this. So sign up, register and download. I… Read more →

Want to improve your websites User Experience, Start using Google Chrome Developer tools NOW

Web developer tools are crucial for improving the overall user experience for your customers. Google’s popular web browser, Chrome, has developer tools built inside the browser. It’s a set of tools made for web-authoring and debugging. The Chrome Developer Tools (known as DevTools) give developers the insight into the how the website is pieced together. Using Chrome DevTools you can know… Read more →

The Value of UX Research in Product Development

When we talk about user experience, we quite often end up discussing UX Design. Some may even refer to UX and UX Design as a same thing, which they are not. I would like to draw your attention to the “pre-story” of amazing and usable design — user experience research. Let’s try to answer two main questions: What is the… Read more →

Great UX rapid prototyping wireframe tools for 2015

I have been using wireframe tools for many years now, and there is no shortage of decent online wireframing tools, some are offline browser software based applications that give you the ability to host and share your prototypes online for feedback and reviews. While others are online browser based solutions that give the ability to work directly in the browser… Read more →

Dont forget to design for accessibility in your User Experience or lose out massively

Designing for accessibility is very important and is a factor that should be considered when building online and offline products so that they can be used easily, not just by the fully able, but also by those people with disabilities. It’s often assumed that building accessible products is prohibitively expensive but that’s often not the case and the truth is that a more… Read more →

The greatest free icon website resource for instant icons

Throughout my career as a Designer I have created many icons for various projects, more often than not there is never enough time to create that perfect icon. Here’s a quick time saving website that I turn to frequently to help me when a tight deadline is looming. Go to – If you’re fortunate enough to be using one of the versions… Read more →

What will Microsofts HoloLens mean for UX, Design & Developers

With VR and the Oculus Rift taking centre stage and the Google Glasses project being put on hold, the HoloLens project announcement is that in-between solution, it will offer an augmented 3D world mixed with ‘the real live’ real-world. If the HoloLens project succeeds (and ends up looking anything like the CG embellished video below) Microsoft will shift to the top of the… Read more →